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Account opening


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1.Is there any identity restriction for TRS to open an account?

Hong Kong or US residents cannot open an account.

2.Can I entrust someone to open an account for me?

Do not entrust others to open an account for you.

3.How should open an account operate?

Download the software according to the guidelines, use the quick account opening function, improve the relevant information according to the requirements, and complete the account opening online.

4.How do I know my opening status?

It can be checked by the trading software.

5.How do I receive my account information?

Lion Brokers Limited will send you the successful account opening information and password by email to the email address you filled in at the time of account opening.

6.Why do you have two accounts after opening the account?

After opening the account, you will have two accounts, one is the login account for logging in the trading software, and the other is the trading account for logging in the trading subdivision.

7.How to download the trading software?

Go to the download page of the official website ( download the trading software.

8.Why doesn't the data of my Android trading software match up?

Due to network delay, local data calculation and data cache problems in Android system, data update may be delayed sometimes. In case of data error, you can exit the APP completely and restart again to see whether it will return to normal. If not, please contact the customer manager.

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If you have any questions, you can contact broker customer service or Lion Finance Group Online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly! Thank you for your support and trust in Lion Finance Group. Thank you!

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